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It’s been a while since I’ve given you all an update on my healing journey. The truth of the matter is, ever since having Nico in 2017, I have felt absolutely amazing. My pregnancy with Nico kicked things into gear, it literally healed me in a way, and all my autoimmune symptoms went out the door. On paper, my thyroid levels have been completely normal for the last 2.5 years, and I’ve had zero antibodies to my thyroid. My other pesky issues, like extreme fatigue, leaky gut, constipation and secondary amenhorrea have also gone away. Truly, if you asked me back in 2016 if I thought this would ever be the case, I would most definitely have said NO WAY!

I’m now pregnant with my second baby! We found out this past May and I’ve been so excited to share the news! This pregnancy has been a beautiful thing so far. Ever since Nico turned one, Nick and I toyed with the idea of having a second baby. Every time I actually thought about it though, I would immediately think of all the reasons why it just wasn’t possible. Reason #1, I work a lot! I barely have enough time with my sweet Nico, how could I factor in another human!! Reason #2, cookbooks and store openings have been keeping me very busy! Reason #3, our house was under construction I just felt generally unsettled. I didn’t realize how much Reason #3 was effecting me until we moved into our house this past April. I literally took a few deep breaths after the move was over, and thought to myself “I can do this!” I checked my ovulation calculator, shout out to Ovia app, and the rest is history.

I feel that my story can offer hope to the thousands of people out there suffering from Hashimoto’s Disease and feeling the toll it can take on your fertility. Or those with the genetic mutation called MTHFR, which I also have, which effects fertility as well, as your body cannot properly absorb folic acid.** It is a true miracle I was able to get pregnant so quickly, and I believe it has a lot to do with the deep healing I have undergone with my diet change and more. It is pretty cool that once I had an environment change, and moved into the comfort of our new house AKA the beautiful #sweetlaurelcottage, which you will see featured on the blog soon, that I felt ready for another baby!

My body has come such a long way these last few years. From having four years of secondary amenhorrea, to having a consistent period since weaning Nico. Or from years of chronic constipation, to not dealing with that issue at all! I’m so grateful for my discovery of healing through food, which I learned about through my practitioners Dr. Eleanor Womack and Margaret Floyd. The diet change and gut healing protocol I discovered through them literally led to my dabbling in the grain free baking that all you see at Sweet Laurel!

Baby #2 is a BOY, for those of you wondering. He is due at the end of January 2020. I can’t wait to share more of journey as the months unfold. Stay tuned here on the blog and on my personal Instagram account @laurelgallucci. Xoxoxo, Laurel

**As a result of MTHFR diagnosis, one must take folate, and pretty high amounts of it, to combat the mutation as it pertains to fertility. I found out I had MTHFR a few months before getting pregnant with Nico, and my nutritionist put my on folate in order to up my chances at a successful pregnancy. 


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