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Healing Journey Update

It’s been a while since I have given you an update about my healing journeyHealing through food has been my mantra since 2014. After my autoimmune disease ripped through me with a vicious force, my family intervened and encouraged to not put my health off another year. My top symptoms were energy depletion, extreme hormonal imbalance, lack of menstrual cycle and unexplainable weight loss.

It was very soon after when my dear friend, Eleanor Womack MD, saw me at a family wedding and the first thing she asked me was ‘WHAT?? Is going on with you??’ I responded by saying I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. She quickly followed up with by asking me what I’ve been eating. I told her every morning started with sprouted wheat bread topped with peanut butter and coffee. She quickly told me that if I have Hashimoto’s Disease I should NOT be eating gluten EVER. I wasn’t really ready to make such a change in my lifestyle, but I had had enough of being so sick and energy deprived.

That was the day I started my 100% grain free, refined sugar free and dairy free journey, and I have never turned back. A year into the journey, I started Sweet Laurel with long time friend and ever talented lady Claire Thomas. It began with my Instagram, this blog, and experiential workshops and events. I started baking grain free, refined sugar free and dairy free cakes for people in my home kitchen, and it soon turned into a booming business in LA, with loads of private customers and wholesale accounts. A cookbook, national shipping and cake shop later, we’re here. Talk about a whirlwind of blessing.

The best part of it all, is that I’m doing 100% better. My autoimmune disease is in remission, even in these postpartum years, and I have the energy I had in college. Can you imagine? It’s been so great, I actually have been able to start up cardio work outs again. Back when I was healing initially, yoga and walking were the only two forms of physical fitness I could physically do. I’m now going to Platefit regularly and jumping on my rebounder when I have pockets of spare time.

Something that I almost can’t believe is I’m not taking ANY thyroid hormones. From about 2012- until January 2018 I took Synthroid or Armour Thyroid. Because I was in remission from the time I got pregnant, through my breastfeeding year, my nutritionist encouraged me to wean myself off thryoid hormones after weaning Nico. I was a little scared, but I figured I’d give it a try. I ripped the bandaid around Nico’s 1st birthday, and to my surprise I felt normal. After about three months with no thyroid hormone, I checked my antibodies and thyroid numbers, and everything was normal. I checked about 6 months later, and everything was normal again. I can’t explain the science behind, it but all I know is my autoimmune disease has been in remission for over two years, and it appears my thyroid is functioning like it is supposed to. Doctors will tell you that with Hashimoto’s Disease, you always have to be on some sort of hormonal support, so I’be always thought I would be taking Armour or Synthroid forever. So grateful for this deep healing that’s occurred in my body.

Another facet of my healing has been the return of a regular menstrual cycle. Before getting pregnant with Nico, I had not had a period for four years. My doctors were never sure what caused this, but it was most likely linked to Hashimoto’s Disease and the unexplained weight loss I experienced. If any of you are experiencing secondary amenorrhea like this, don’t give up hope! I was able to have my beautiful baby despite this issue.

I’m still 100% paleo, and I’m feeling great. It has truly been an amazing journey. Having a baby was the first miracle, but seriously, the second miracle is how much better I feel these days. My amazing nutritionist has repeatedly told me that this is solely because of the dedication I’ve had to my 100% grain free, refined sugar free and dairy free diet, and because I stuck to her strict gut healing protocol before and during my pregnancy. And I’m so happy I did. As a result, I’m able to put my best foot forward with Sweet Laurel, and the ever-changing, growing business it is, and my adorable son Nico.

Here are a few photos our nanny Ms. Elsie took yesterday. I love this boy so much, I’m so excited for this Christmas, as he is definitely starting to pick up on the holiday cheer. He points to every Christmas tree and loves all the ‘balls’ aka ornaments, on them. Happy healing my friends! xoxo, Laurel


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