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Creamsicles remind me of summer days at my grandmother’s house. When I was a little girl, visits to my Nona’s (Grandmother in Greek) included creamsicles, and every summer, I get the craving at least once for the zesty, yet sweet, treat. One day I was determined to make a Paleo and Vegan variation, and hence this recipe was born. I love it because there is no additional sweetener added other than the sweet potato and orange. Hope you enjoy these popsicles as much as I do!

Sweet Laurel
Sweet Laurel
Sweet Laurel
Sweet Laurel

Paleo Creamsicle or Dairy Free and Refined Sugar Free Creamsicles 

Yields for 6 popsicles


1 cup coconut milk

1 cup cooked sweet potato

1 orange, zested

Juice from 2 oranges

pinch salt

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Combine all ingredients in blender and turn on low. Work up to high speed and blend until mixture is fully incorporated. Distribute mixture into molds and freeze at least 5 hours. Enjoy!


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