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Peppermint Collagen Matcha

December is a special time at Sweet Laurel, because it marks the return of our Keto Hot Cocoa. This year, we wanted to offer something festive to our matcha tribe as well, so we teamed up with our friend Celeste Thomas to create this delicious twist on a peppermint latte. It’s become so popular at the cake shop, that we knew we had to share the recipe with you! Sugar-free and soo delicious, it’s sure to be your favorite winter fuel. Without further ado, we’ll let Celeste introduce our new favorite drink to you! Take it away Celeste!

Hey, all! My name is Celeste Thomas, registered nurse, holistic skincare expert, and #eattoglow recipe developer over at The True Spoon. I’m so excited to share my latest creation with the Sweet Laurel community. My peppermint collagen matcha is full of skin-loving ingredients that will make your holiday all the more delicious!

A Little Bit About Me

For those who don’t know me and my skincare journey – let me fill you in. If there ever was a girl who struggled with skin confidence – it was me! My acne-prone skin has been a struggle for as long as I can remember and significantly impacted my self-worth. 

After trying nearly every over-the-counter and prescription skincare product on the market, I finally discovered that I needed to go back to the basics and fight my breakouts holistically – starting with my diet and the ingredients I was putting on my skin.

Today, I am proud to say I’ve gained control of my skin and I love to help other women do the same. Aside from recommending non-toxic skincare products, one of my biggest passions is creating anti-inflammatory recipes that will keep both skin and tastebuds happy!

How Did I Meet Laurel?

I met the lovely Laurel last year at the Unwell conference when we were both speaking on a panel about skin confidence. It was here I heard about her like-minded journey to share anti-inflammatory recipes containing beneficial ingredients with the world. 

Not only did I want my followers to know about her delicious, healthy baked goods, but I too wanted to get in on the action and work with her to create something truly special! 

Fast forward to this holiday season, and my peppermint collagen matcha recipe is being featured at Sweet Laurel Bakery for all to enjoy!

Yield: 1 Matcha Latte

Time: 5 minutes


8 drops peppermint extract 

1 teaspoon matcha powder 

1 1/2 teaspoons lakanto golden monk fruit sweetener 

1 tablespoon collagen powder 

10 oz milk or milk alternative 


Whisk 1 tsp of matcha with 2 ounces of hot water, creating a matcha shot.

Pour your matcha shot into a mug, and stir in peppermint, monk fruit and collagen.

Steam milk and pour into your matcha mixture. Option to top off with collagen marshmallows and an extra sprinkle of matcha. Enjoy!

Beauty Benefits of Peppermint Collagen Matcha

Most conventional coffee shops offer festive beverages with refined sugar, preservatives, and inflammatory oils that negatively impact the skin and overall health. This is why I was inspired to concoct a healthy holiday drink with skin-boosting ingredients.

I’m a true believer that you can satisfy your tastebuds without having to sacrifice your skin health. Since Christmas is my favorite time of year, I decided to combine all my favorite ingredients to create a sweet seasonal drink everyone will love! 


The star ingredient of the show happens to be my personal favorite– matcha. I can’t brag enough about this antioxidant-rich ingredient and the beautiful effects it has had on my skin. Matcha contains antioxidants, which help to fight premature aging. It’s fresh, earthy taste is addicting – plus it will keep your skin looking youthful and glowy!


Collagen is an essential protein made of amino acids. Without the proper amount, our skin becomes less firm and prone to fine lines, scarring, and so much more. For this reason, I’m all about boosting the skin with a little extra collagen whenever I can, which is why you’ll find it in this beverage!


Who doesn’t love the cool, slightly sweet taste of mint? This one-of-a-kind herb is an antimicrobial breakout buster that will keep acne at bay. The best part is that when mixed with matcha, you’ve got a delicious thin mint flavor like no other. 

Monk Fruit

Every holiday beverage needs a little sweetener that is not white sugar, corn syrup, etc. This is where monk fruit comes in. This natural sugar alternative gives you the sweetness you’re looking for without spiking blood sugar and causing breakouts.

Treat Yourself This Christmas – Skin and All! 

Thanks for tuning in! I hope you all enjoy this #eattoglow collaboration with The True Spoon and Sweet Laurel Bakery. If you’re in the area, stop in and enjoy this cozy cup of love and tag me @celestethomas when you do. For more holistic skincare tips, clean recipes, and non-toxic product reviews, follow me on Instagram, Youtube, or check out my blog!


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