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If you read this post I wrote about my nutritionist Margaret, and her approach to introducing solids, you know Nico has been eating some superfoods!

Nico was slow to eating solid foods. Up until about ten months, Nico was pretty much exclusively breastfeeding, with coconut yogurt sprinkled throughout the day. I realize every baby is different, and this post is in no way to say this is THE way to introduce solid foods, this was just my way. I definitely encourage you to work with your doctor or practitioner on your personalized approach with you and your baby.

When Nico was about 10.5 months, he had four teeth come in at one time. This was a pretty gnarly time, as all I remember from it was non-stop nursing throughout the night. We were also doing a lot of travel with press trip to New York for the Sweet Laurel Cookbook, and Christmas vacation. While it was easier to travel with a baby and not have to worry about bringing much food, I was getting very exhausted with the constant nursing. I thought, will this boy ever eat??  I often would offer Nico food, but he wouldn’t chew it, or show much interest.

I started to aggressively introduce foods once those teeth began to rupture around 10-11 months, and sure enough he started eating lots more! I followed Margaret’s plan, heavy on the good fats and superfoods like egg yolk, coconut and grass fed butter.  I started to introduce veggies, like broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potato (he LOVED these fries). One of his favorite things at the beginning was sweet potato mixed with CocoYo. I even loved it! To me it tasted like cheesecake or something. I always offer veggies with a good fat of some sort.

As I rapid fire introduced new foods, Nico began to cut down on nursing. Immediately I contacted Margaret, because I thought since he was cutting back on breastmilk, did he need actual milk? She assured he did not need milk if I was giving him a super nutrient rich diet. She suggested goat cheese instead of milk to start. When I felt the timing was right, I introduced a lovely Holland goat gouda cheese, which Nico quickly fell in love with. It is also full of calcium and has lots of vitamins, so I didn’t need to worry about Nico missing out on milk.

Nico does not eat grains yet. Right now, it is just easier, as I don’t eat any grains, mainly veggies, fruit and well sourced proteins. I’m defiantly planning on introducing well prepared grains down the line.  His diet right now is super simple, but filled with beautiful and nutrient rich food. Thank you Margaret Floyd for helping me navigate the diet of my little superfood baby!

Here’s a day in the life of Nico:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, runny yokes and veggies with grass fed butter, cooked veggies (usually cruciferous) and half a banana

Lunch: Cut goat gouda cheese, cooked sweet potato or carrot

Snack: 1/2 avocado or nut butter (he’s like his mom and snacks on spoonfuls of almond butter!)

A note on snacking: I like to call our snacking system whole food, or real food, snacking (not to be confused with the grocery store chain). I give Nico foods for snack that are one ingredient, usually not prepackaged. This ensures Nico is not eating foods that are highly processed and whole food based. I call it real food.

Dinner: What Nick and I are eating, usually vegetables with some well sourced organic protein: salmon, ground turkey or chicken.

Recently, I started giving Nico some things I don’t eat, like Sprouted Hummus. He absolutely loves it, and eats it straight! I give him some on celery or carrot and he just licks it right off. Nick has also snuck him a few things that I definitely don’t eat, but I’m happy he’s experiencing an assortment of foods. He seems to be likely anything and everything! xoxo, Laurel (and Nico!)

Adorable photo by Elsie Christine.


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