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What is CocoYo anyway? CocoYo is the name I have given to Nico’s first favorite food: coconut yogurt. If you have ever purchased coconut yogurt at the store, you know it is quite expensive. I realized one day that I could easily make my own coconut yogurt and have been making it each week ever since!

The key is finding a great coconut milk and probiotic. I like two brands of coconut milk: Lets Do Organic Coconut Cream and Trader Joe’s Coconut Cream. These brands do not have any fillers or stabilizers. I must also mention you can make your own coconut milk, but it is a bit more involved. Step 2 is finding a great probiotic. I use Flora Advanced Adult Formula (even for Nico!) and it gives great results. Make sure you do not use a probiotic that also contains probiotics, as the coconut yogurt will not ferment properly.

I found Cocoyo to be a great first food for Nico. It has all the good fats, is easy to digest, and helps inoculate Nico’s gut with good bacteria! In the early days of Nico’s transition into eating solids, I often added a tablespoon of coconut yogurt to sweet potatoes, broccoli and other veggies as well. He loved the taste of the coconut yogurt, and it served as a fantastic carrier for introducing him to new veggies!

2 cans coconut milk (I like Natural Value BPA Free Organic Coconut Milk)

 2-3 probiotic capsules (prebiotic free)*

*the probiotics must be prebiotic free or the fermentation will not happen properly


Sterilize two 4-6 oz glass jars and lids. Set aside.

Place cans of coconut milk in a bowl. Open probiotic capsules, and dump the inside powder into the bowl and stir well. Pour into sterilized jars and allow to sit in dehydrator at 110 for about 12 hours. You can also place your jars in a turned off oven, with the oven light on, for 12-18 hours.

Remove from dehydrator or oven and allow to set in fridge, about 6 + hours.

Sweet Laurel


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