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As many of you know, Sweet Laurel has 5 core ingredients: almond flour, coconut oil, organic eggs, Himalayan pink salt and 100% maple syrup. The one ingredient that does not pass the keto friendly test is 100% maple syrup, So I created a recipe for those of you who may be following a low carb\keto diet, but would like to have your cake and eat it too.

In honor of Sweet Laurel’s third birthday, we’re posting this delicious ketogenic friendly birthday cake. I chose Lakanto Monk Fruit sweetener, as I have found it to be the best low carb sweetener in terms of taste. It also is Dr. Gundry approved, another reason I chose it! Enjoy this delicious cake! xoxo, Laurel


Sweet LaurelSweet LaurelSweet LaurelSweet Laurel


 To make the Chocolate Cake

3 cups almond meal
1/3 cup cacao
1 teaspoon  baking soda
1 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt
3 pastured eggs
3/4 cup water
1.5 Tablespoon vanilla extract
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Prepare 3, 6 inch pans by lining with parchment paper and greasing the sides with coconut oil.
In a bowl, combine the almond meal, cacao, baking soda, Himalayan pink salt and monk fruit sweetener. Stir.
Add the eggs, water and vanilla extract and stir to combine.
Pour batter into prepared pans.
Bake for 25 minutes, or until tooth pic inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.
Allow to cool before topping with ganache.
To make the Ganache
4 oz 100% cacao baking chocolate
4 tablespoons coconut oil (melted)
2-3 tablespoons monk fruit (or more, depending on palate)
1 cup coconut milk
Over very low heat, melt coconut oil and baking chocolate. Once melted, remove from heat. Slowly whisk in sweetener and coconut milk, until consistency is smooth. You may need to add more coconut milk or water to get a smoother texture.
** if cake is refrigerated, the ganache will harden a bit. Keep finished cake at room temperature for best results


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