Sweet Laurel Bakery


Sweet Laurel chocolate cake, pancake, and scone baking mixes


Have you heard the news? Our baking mixes are now available at Sprouts NATIONWIDE! We couldn't be more excited about these mixes being on your grocery shelves, reaching our wonderful community with clean, delicious treats that are super easy to make at home.

Sweet Laurel has come such a long way...it all started with a delicious cake, two friends, and an autoimmune disease. I discovered that nourishing, healing food could be absolutely beautiful, and that’s when we created Sweet Laurel.

We started sharing our recipes and my story at workshops and classes throughout LA and NYC, and our community LOVED it. Education and empowerment has always been a cornerstone of our brand.

We began selling our grain free, dairy free and refined sugar free cakes locally, decorated with our signature floral decor.

We wrote our first cookbook, loved and trusted by so many of you, and quickly wrote a second, Sweet Laurel Savory.


Sweet Laurel cookbooks


We opened our cake shop in Los Angeles, where you can taste, touch and see the brand in a multi sensory way. As demand rose we began shipping our cakes and products nationwide to you!!


Sweet Laurel cake shop in Los Angeles


And now our dream is coming true...reaching our goal to bring beautiful and delicious food to as many people as possible.

Sweet Laurel baking mixes


Find Sweet Laurel Chocolate Cake Mix, Sweet Laurel Scone Mix and Sweet Laurel Pancake Mix now, at Sprouts Famers Market and be sure to tag us on social media when you see our mixes on shelves!

CLICK RIGHT HERE for our store locator to find which Sprouts locations our mixes are available.




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  • Posted by Dana on

    I want to buy the bundle and can’t find it in your website.
    I would like one bundle -(pancakes/cake/scones)

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