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I’m a dress kind of girl, so I needed to find my go-to swaps when I got pregnant. I discovered some amazing brands in the process with each embodying a completely different style.









Style #1 The Baby Shower Dress

This whimsical dress is called ‘I Believe In Unicorns’ by Fillyboom Maternity. This dreamy gown has a vintage yet romantic feel, and I loved how I could get my fix wearing this particular style genre while pregnant. The details on this dress are my favorite. The back has a beautiful tassel tie, and embroidery covering the whole dress!

Style #2 The Boss Lady Dress

This dress was the standard for meetings and all of the other times when I needed to look presentable and put together. It is by Seraphine Maternity, which is a London-based brand that outfits fabulous ladies like Princess Kate. I know this sounds cliché, but when I found out I was having a boy, I really wanted to get a blue dress. If you saw my wardrobe before receiving this dress, everything was literally gray, black, or white. This added touch of color to my wardrobe would make me smile about my soon-to-be son whenever I saw it. This dress got lots of wear, and I loved the long sleeves especially through this cold winter! I frequently paired this dress with black tights and booties.

Style #3 The Long Black Staple

My 'Go-to.' This is what comes to mind when I think of this dress because this was my standard everyday dress. Everyone knows the feeling when you have to leave the house, and you don’t even want to think about what you’re putting on. This is the dress I grab on days like this. I dressed it up and dressed it down, multiple times. Best of all, this dress is comfortable and it comes in multiple colors and lengths.

These beautiful photos are shot and edited by Elsie Dardon.



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