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To make this pizza, I like to use Simple Mills Pizza Crust, or make my own, using the crust from our Margherita Pizza! I love Simple Mills, so much so, that I brought these sprouted seed crackers to the hospital when I had Nico!

The assembly is super simple, and can be enhanced with lots of different sauces, spreads, and toppings! I used our macadamia nut cheese for this one, because after going to Hawaii with Nick, I became obsessed! Have fun!


Flat Bread Pizza



Make the crust. The Simple Mills directions are so simple, no pun intended!

And then…

Make the delicious mac nut cheese spread:


2 cups macadamia nuts, soaked 4-6 hours

1 Tbsp nutritional yeast

2 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 Tbsp organic herb mix (I like Braggs Organic Sprinkle – any blend of rosemary, thyme, oregano, onion, tarragon will do)

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/2 tsp Himalayan pink salt

1/2 cup of water, more as needed


Soak macadamia nuts in filtered water for 4-6 hours. Drain.

Blend soaked nuts with 1 cup of water and remaining ingredients until creamy. Add more water if necessary.

Line a colander with cheesecloth or nut-mylk bag. Place a plate under colander to catch excess liquid. Pour creamy mixture into cheesecloth or nut-mylk bag. Shape into log shape, twisting cheesecloth or nut-mylk bag tight at the left and right edges.

Place in a warm location to ferment, about 8-12 hours. Every couple hours squeeze excess liquid from cheese.

Transfer cheese to bowl. Cover and refrigerate until serving.

Sprinkle cheese on the pizza and top with Arugula. I like to mix the arugula with a bit of pink salt, lemon and olive oil.


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