• Lavender Cookie Dough
  • Lavender Cookie Dough
  • Lavender Cookie Dough

Lavender Cookie Dough

$ 21.00

You will fall in love with this sweet floral version of our 5 ingredient cookie dough! Simply slice up 1\2 inch cookie rounds, gently press down and bake off for 8 minutes. Or, if you're like us, don't bake it all, just snack on it out of the fridge. This lovely cookie dough is vegan, paleo, and properly delicious. Shipping nationwide to you and your loved ones!

Ingredients: almond flour, coconut oil, 100% maple syrup, Himalayan pink salt and lavender flowers.

9.5oz per roll

Makes 9 individual 1oz cookies 

Tags: Mothers Day
Type: Sweet Laurel Pantry    

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