Clementine Olive Oil Cake

$ 68.00

We're so pleased to welcome back the Clementine Olive Oil Cake as our limited edition, September special! Deliciously moist, with the loveliest hint of citrus; this cake is a wonderful addition to any gathering. 

*Made with California's very own ENZO Organic Clementine Crush Olive Oil.
100% estate grown organic olives milled together with fresh California mandarins, the result is an exceptional, unfiltered olive oil yielding an authentic citrus essence and flavor.  Perfect for our Clementine Olive Oil Cake!

 Bundle comes with:
- 1 ten inch Sweet Laurel Clementine Olive Oil Cake
- 1 100 ml bottle Clementine Crush Olive Oil 
- 1 mini sifter and 1 ounce pouch of Coconut Powder to sprinkle on top of cake

To enjoy: Upon arrival, unwrap your Clementine Olive Oil Cake and sprinkle with Coconut Powder topping and enjoy! Keep leftovers covered and refrigerated up to 7 days. 

Cake: almond flour, Clementine Crush Olive Oil, organic eggs, 100% maple syrup, tangerine zest, baking soda and pink salt
Coconut Powder: arrowroot powder, coconut 

Available to order Sept. 3-30, in store, online and local delivery.

Type: Baked Goods that ship    

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